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What to expect:

  • This retreat is located on a gorgeous secluded site in the midst of beautiful Pennsylvania woodlands.

  • Our program includes adult lectures and discussions as well as a fully planned children's program – the emphasis is on doctrinal instruction and reflection.


  • Youth are grouped by age, and their program runs at the same time as the adult program. Sessions include projects and discussions centered around stories from the Word and other activities. We also provide a pre-school and nursery.


  • We have family worship two times a day, morning and evening.


  • There is an opportunity for adults to take Holy Supper; teens may provide childcare.


  • There is ample unscheduled time in the afternoons to allow for swimming, sports, games, hiking, spontaneous group discussions, etc. There are evening programs for everyone. In the past, these have included: campfire singing, relay races, a talent show, or even a live band.

​​ ​​

  • Recreation facilities include a pool, miniature golf, courts for tennis, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball, a baseball diamond and sports field, hiking trails, and a recreation hall for rainy days. The camp has beautiful indoor and outdoor worship facilities.

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