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What does Jacob's Creek Cost?

Cost increases by $25 per person after June 30th! So register now! The fee includes a room, meals and taxes. It is based on the number of people in each room. These prices are for three nights, listed in US dollars. There is no charge for children 2 years and younger.


We are able to cap the cost at $600 due to the generous support we receive from fellow attendees and friends in the Church. The actual cost we pay for the rooms and meals can be much higher in the case of a large family. If you would like to join in the effort to help more families experience Jacob’s Creek Family Retreat, please consider adding a donation to your registration form.

If the fee makes it difficult for you to attend Jacob’s Creek Family Retreat, prayerfully consider what you can afford to pay and take an appropriate discount. We do ask that you consider additional volunteer opportunities to help offset the cost of this discount.

Cost Breakdown

  • 1 Adult = $235

  • 1 Adult and 1 Child = $290

  • 1 Adult and 2 Children = $345

  • 1 Adult and 3 Children = $400

  • 2 Adults = $470

  • 2 Adults and 1 Child = $525

  • 2 Adults and  2 Children = $580

  • 2 Adults and 3+ Children = $600

  • Extra Room = $250

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